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This page contains links to self-help forms and more information should you need to do research on your own.

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Small Claims Court

Traffic Tickets

Family Court

Applying for Legal Aid

Meeting a lawyer

There are traffic violations which you can defend on your own. These are usually minor violations, such as speeding, disobeying a stop sign, making a U-turn, failure to produce a driver’s licence, and parking offences. This section will explain how to dispute these violations or offenses.

Receiving a ticket

  • Deciding what to do
  • Witnesses
  • Recording the events

Types of tickets & how to dispute them

  • The violation ticket
  • The offence notice
  • Appearance notice, promise to appear, summons

Going to Court

  • Preparing for your hearing
  • How to understand the meaning of the law
  • What traffic court looks like
  • What happens during the hearing

Family Court

We can assist you with family law matters through our Assisted Divorce Program for “simple, uncontested” divorces and with Family Law document preparation for contested and uncontested divorces and proceedings with respect to support, custody, access and Protection Orders.

If you are preparing documents on your own, the booklets below will be helpful.

Our family law booklets are currently under review and will be re-published here when they’ve been updated.

Applying for legal aid

Learn how to apply for legal aid on the Legal Services Society website

Preparing to meet a lawyer

This page will help you find a lawyer if you need one, prepare for your first interview with a lawyer and ask your lawyer the questions that will enable you to know the likely cost and outcome of your case.

This page covers the following:

  • How to find a lawyer
  • How to prepare yourself for your first interview with a lawyer
  • During the interview
  • After you have chosen a lawyer