Virtual Tour of the Clinical Law Program

The Term Begins


Fraser Building, University of Victoria Faculty of LawThe first month of the term (which is called the Orientation Period) is spent at the Law School. During this time students develop the skills and knowledge they will need to effectively work on client problems at The Law Centre. Click here to view a typical Orientation Period schedule.



The Moot Courtroom is the Clinical Program's home during the first month of the term.


Prof. Gallins dons a mask to make a serious point about interviewing -- while entertaining the class during Orientation.




A considerable portion of the Orientation Period is Period is devoted to developing advocacy skills.

Student developing advocacy skills  

Stuent making a submission

Here a student is making a submission after a voir dire.






Students watching the video of a student's work in the courtroom just prior to a critique.

Students watching a video


Then on to The Law Centre


Law Centre Exterior  

After the Orientation Period the class moves to our offices in The Law Centre. The Law Centre is located on the Quadra Street side of the Victoria Courthouse -- Suite 225 - 850 Burdett Avenue.




More than 1,800 people pass through this door to The Law Centre annually seeking legal advice and representation.







Judy, our smiling Clinic Administrator, will greet you and our clients when you come to The Law Centre.






A typical interview room where you will meet with clients.





The student work area is arranged so that you can work independently or with the support of your colleagues.


student work station



There are 17 student work stations. 






Open Door PolicyThe faculty and staff maintain a complete open door policy so students can get continuous advice and assistance in the conduct of their files.








Planning sessionThe Thursday afternoon planning and case commentary meeting--where we discuss cases conducted by students during the preceding week and ensure that our commitments for future trials, hearings, intake and outreach services are all going to be met.



The Wall of Fame, where the more than 1500 students who have participated in The Law Centre Clinical Program since 1977 have their names recorded.






The "ASD Party"--a party with the serious purpose of learning how the police conduct an investigation with respect to a drinking driving offense. Here a student blows into the ASD. 






Victoria Court House



The Victoria Courthouse-- where students enrolled in the Law Centre represent clients in Provincial Court dealing with criminal, small claims and family matters. Students also appear here to make applications in Supreme Court Chambers.


Wilkinson Road JailVancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre (Wilkinson Road Jail)--a maximum security prison where Law Centre students provide advice and assistance to inmates.




William Head Institution, a minimum security Federal Correctional Facility, located 25 kilometres southwest of Victoria, where The Law Centre has operated a legal clinic for over 35 years.



There is a lot more than just work and learning going on at The Law Centre. Staff and students celebrate whenever we can. Here the  Estella and Alix, celebrate Ben's birthday!


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